Beth Reekles is *officially* writing a third ‘The Kissing Booth’ novel

A third chapter to ‘The Kissing Booth’ is officially coming to the screen AND shelves.

The Kissing Booth fans are eating good this year and next. On top of this year’s The Kissing Booth 2, not only will we see Joey King, Taylor Zakhar Perez, Jacob Elordi and others return to the big screen in 2021 but their characters are coming back in another form. That’s right folks, a third novel in TKB is officially in the works. 

The Kissing Booth author Beth Reekles—FYI, the series originally started out as a novel— announced the news over the weekend on Instagram. The Kissing Booth 3: One Last Time is a new novel based on the script of the third movie and will be released in time for the film’s release next year. 

“I am SO excited about this and it was so much fun to write,” Reekles wrote in the announcement post. “I was able to work closely with Netflix for TKB3 and though I can’t say anything yet on the storyline (sorry!) I will tell you… it’s gonna be totally awesome. I really hope you guys love it, too.”

And, while we still know very little about the third film in The Kissing Booth trilogy, over on her website, Reekles elaborated on what we might see.

“I know it sounds a little strange, but bear with me while I explain it,” she began. “Our brilliant scriptwriter, Vince Marcello (joined by Jay Arnold, for the second and third movies) wrote the script TKB3 so they could film the two movies back-to-back. I was able to give feedback on the script before that, but honestly, I loved it.”

“I’d been able to chat with Vince a few times throughout the whole process over the phone, and pretty early on we talked about how we saw Elle’s story unfolding,” she continued, adding, “yep, that’s purposely vague—sorry, I really can’t give anything away about the storyline!”

“This was a really weird and wonderful process, but I’ll talk about that more in another post. But, I will say now, that it follows on from my books – so instead of Marco and Chloe, you’ll be back with Levi and Amanda, for instance.”


For now, you can preorder The Kissing Booth 3: One Last Time and follow the irl saga of the cast’s love lives. But, while Amazon and Book Depository lists it as releasing on the 15th of April, Reekles says that’s just a placeholder date, and has no relation to the actual release date for the third movie. 

Regardless, we can only hope it won’t include The Kissing Booth’s cringeworthy deleted scenes and paints Noah Flynn in a better, less miserable, way than Jacob Elordi portrays him on screen

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