The ‘Stranger Things’ season 4 teaser welcomes back Hopper!!

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David Harbour’s beloved character was presumed dead at the end of season three when he sacrificed himself to once again, save Hawkins from the terrors of the Upside Down.

This made us cry for WEEKS. (Credit: Netflix)

However, some fans were holding out hope (through lots of tears) when the final scene hinted at an ‘American’ being held in Russia.

Well, it’s now been confirmed by Netflix itself that the ‘Russian’ was deffs Hopper, in a teaser for the upcoming season.

Yep, we were all correct. (Credit: Netflix)

Hopper is now clean-shaven and part of some Russian prison, but the look on his face SCREAMS that he’s going to Shawshank Redemption his way out of there and get back to Elle asap.

HE’S BACK! (Credit: Netflix)

Stranger Things season four is set to be the final season of the show, so you already KNOW sh*t is going to go DOWN.

Now these two can finally be together. (Credit: Netflix)

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