‘Stranger Things’ star Maya Hawke’s brother joins the cast of season 4

As Hawkins’s teen punk rock-star!

In season three of Netflix’s teen ‘80s sci-fi series,, Stranger Things, Maya Hawke warmed our hearts as Robin, Steve’s coworker at an ice cream parlour in the local shopping centre. Fans quickly fell in love with her, and it sounds like they’re going to fall in love again with the show’s next teen character, played by none other than her brother! Looks like Maya isn’t the only Hawke in Hawkins anymore.


According to a pair of Stranger Things fan accounts, the new season is currently in the middle of production. During shooting, photos emerged of Maya’s younger brother Levon Hawke on set at a video store with Joe Keery, who plays Steve Harrington. 

In the behind the scenes pics, which you can catch below, Levon can be seen dressed in what can only be described—in the ‘80s—as punk rock. We’re talking a black acid-washed denim jacket, blue bandana tied to his arm and matching skinny jeans, gelled up orange spiky hair, rosy-pink blushed cheeks and heavy amounts of black liquid eyeliner. No word yet on who he’ll play and whether he’ll even be related to Maya’s character, but with Keery spotted on set, we can expect he’ll fit chaotically well in the ~group dynamic~.

Levon Hawke is the 18-year-old son of actors Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. His role in Stranger Things marks his first big acting debut, after a short film called Blackout in 2018.

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