There’s A Super Sneaky Way To View Someone’s Instagram Stories Without Being Seen

This a case for the FBI? Raises hand

Want to know how to watch someone’s Instagram story without them knowing and without downloading any sketchy apps?

Well, let us introduce you to the super simple Instagram hack that you can use to view stories without them being marked as ‘read.’ You’re welcome.

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Let’s be real, we’ve all been in a situation where we really wanna have a looksy at someone’s Instagram story, be it a friend, colleague or even a potential luurve interest, but for whatever reason, it might be a tad awks if they find out we viewed it. 

Insta is great like that, showing up all the snoops who’re having a gander at your stories… until it goes the other way. 

BUT, as it happens, there is a cheeky way to view someone’s Instagram story without your name coming up on their ‘seen’ list. 

Keep scrolling for the step-by-step guide – you can thank us later 😉.

1. Click and watch the Instagram Story of the person before or after the story you want to secretly view in the queue. 

(Credit: Instagram)

So, if we want to watch KJ Apa’s story without him knowing? We’ll use Kim Kardashian’s story to get there.

Click onto Kim’s story and then…

2. Hold your finger down to pause the story.

Once you’ve done that, what you need to do next is…

3. Slide your finger to peek at your intended story, without swiping across completely.

You can slide your finger to the left so we can see the preview of KJ’s story.

Like so:

(Credit: Instagram)

If you do this (and make sure you don’t slide over completely), then you can see their story without your name popping up on their ‘seen’ list!

(Credit: Instagram)

As you can see in the above pic, KJ’s story has the unseen mark around his photo still.

Oh, but as a small aside, we should also add that you need to be following the person to do this in the first place – otherwise it won’t come up in your stories list. 

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