Let’s Talk About Sex *Education*, Baby

Season 3, you have some explaining to do.
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Finally, after waiting for what felt like forever, we were able to binge-watch season three of Sex Education after it dropped on Netflix this weekend, and it seems we all have the exact same thoughts.

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If you haven’t watched the latest season of Sex Education for whatever reason, you might want to pause before reading this, because there are some major spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

For those of you who have watched it, or you sneaky spoiler loving freaks who want to know what happened before watching it, then let’s unpack what happened this season, because a lot, and we say a lot, went down.

With the rise (and fall) of many relationships, including Eric and Adam and Otis and Ruby, we also saw the chaos that ensued after the new headteacher Hope tried to shake things up at Moordale.

And if you’re just like us, we immediately checked Twitter after finishing the season to see what everyone said, and here, we’ve rounded up some of the best reactions we’ve seen so far.

sex education season 3 otis ruby
Otis and Ruby had an official relationship in season three. (Credit: Netflix)

The key take away from the season was Ruby’s character growth, and not to mention, her and Otis were actually kind of cute together?

Yeah we didn’t see that coming either but we loved them together, where it all started after Otis thought Maeve rejected him, he started sleeping with Ruby in secret.

The two then decided to make their relationship official, and Ruby even let Otis – or OT – in on her life, by introducing him to her dad and then confessed she loved him.

But, Netflix couldn’t resist breaking Ruby’s heart – and ours for that matter – when Otis told her he didn’t feel the same, and literally told her “Oh, that’s nice” when she uttered those three little words.


And, if that wasn’t enough, Adam and Eric, who we all had such high hopes for, ended up breaking up too. I mean Netflix, what are you doing to us?

Throughout the season we saw Adam try and come to terms with his sexuality, better deal with his emotions, write a poem (yes a poem!) and even made friends with Rahim – all to be a better boyfriend to Eric.

But alas, Eric was going through his own journey of self-discovery, and realised he couldn’t keep helping Adam figure out who he was because it was affecting him too much. Enter the bridge scene, where Adam had his heart broken, just like Ruby.


Of course, there were many other things that happened in the season, with Otis’ mum Jean having a baby, Jackson finding himself with a new crush, Adam’s dad Michael having a redemption arc, Aimee learning more about herself through therapy, and much, much more.

So, when we say we seriously can’t wait for Sex Education’s season four, we really mean it. But until then, we’ll be waiting, probably still scrolling through Twitter.

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