Selena Gomez Tries Vegemite For The First Time And Yep, She Doesn’t Like It

Selena proving how not to eat my favourite spread.
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Disney star and amateur celebrity chef Selena Gomez just tried a bunch of classic Australian snacks, much to the protest of her taste buds. 

WATCH: Selena Gomez tries Vegemite for the first time.

In a new clip from the second season of her cooking show, Selena + Chef, Gomez is sent a care package of Aussie goodies from celebrity chef Curtis Stone, including Tim Tams, mint slices, and Anzac biscuits—and, ofc, Vegemite. 

Selena and her pal Raquelle then start taste-testing and critiquing the edible items. The pair collectively love mint slices, Tim Tams, and Anzac biscuits, and hilariously, both can’t stand Vegemite. 

“I’m so sorry, Australia. I love you guys so much, and I’m glad I—“ Gomez began to explain before her friend, washing the taste out of her mouth shouted from across the room, “Oh my God, it’s so disgusting!”

Look, maybe a love for spreadable fermented yeast on toast is just part of our DNA as Australians, but the problem here starts with Selena and Raquelle not eating Vegemite the right way.

That’s right, they, like every other non-Aussie who’s hated on the premium best spread in the ‘biz, tried it by grabbing a spoonful, instead of, y’know, spreading it on some crunchy warm toast with sliced cheddar cheese and/or butter or olive oil—if ya fancy. 

“Nooo,” one passionate Aussie fan wrote in reply.  

“Why didn’t Curtis tell you how to use the Vegemite!?” another fan wrote. “That’s so wrong! Nobody eats Vegemite from the jar like that!”

As one well educated Twitter user put it best, “Vegemite is best on toast with triple the butter, or a sandwich with butter and cheese.”

We’re officially asking Selena and Raquelle for a re-do here, please. 

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