Yas Chef! Selena Gomez Is Back For More ‘Selena + Chef’

With her signature pal, rainbow knife.

Good news everyone! Selena Gomez is back in the kitchen and in front of the cam for another season of her HBO chaotic cooking show, Selena + Chef

In the first trailer for the new season, Gomez is joined by an all-star cast of celebrity chefs over Zoom, including Aussie legend Curtis Stone. She’s also joined at home by her friends and papa, who she jokes has his own fan page. 

In true Selena + Chef style, the new trailer features a range of delicious-looking meals from varied cuisines, from Spanish tapas to a brie cheese, roasted Spanish onion, and beef burger dubbed the brie-cran-burger. Oh, and just like last season, expect some adorable and awkward moments between Selena and her pals, including some, uh, kitchen nightmares. 

In the trailer, Selena, amidst the madness of a professional chef environment and prep, accidentally sets fire to her kitchen??? Take a look at the trailer below for the full snapshot of what will for sure be the highlight of that ep.

When is the Selena + Chef season two release date?

The first three episodes of the second season of Selena Gomez’s cooking show, Selena + Chef, will premiere on the 21st of January on HBO Max. Then, another three episodes will release the following week on the 28th with the last three eps of Selena + Chef dropping on the 4th of February.

Where can I watch Selena + Chef in Australia?

Per Finder, all HBO Max content is available in Australia exclusively through Foxtel, so you’ll likely find it on their streaming service, Binge. Although, we couldn’t find our queen on there after a quick skim through the service but the minute we hear it’s available, we’ll lyk.

In the meantime, please enjoy these quality Selena + Chef memes, including a supercut of some of the most chaotic moments from season one. 

Who will cameo in Selena + Chef season two?

It’s unclear who exactly will appear in Selena + Chef season two, but we can for sure expect some surprise special guests. 

Back in season one, Selena Gomez’s best friend and fellow pop star Taylor Swift made a surprise cameo when Gomez Facetimed her to show off her homemade tacos. 

Elsewhere in the season, Gomez was also seen flirting with someone over the phone—you can learn more about that mystery here.

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