This Viral TikTok Claims That Rita Ora Blocked And Is Suing Him For Defamation

"Rita Ora... more like Flopa Ora." 💀

A viral TikTok claims that Rita Ora not only blocked someone on Twitter but is now suing them for defamation, and we are absolutely obsessed with this celebrity TikTok drama saga.

WATCH BELOW: A viral TikTok claims that Rita Ora blocked and got him suspended on Twitter

Two days ago Aaron—TikTok user baeronchan—shared a TikTok stitching with another user asking, “if you’re blocked by a celebrity, who is it, and why were you blocked?” 

On the 28th of January, Aaron retweeted a tweet about a Page Six article about Rita Ora offering a restaurant $7000 USD to break COVID rules for a birthday party, with the caption, “she was willing to give up all her savings omg.” 

Lo and behold, that tweet resulted in him getting blocked by the Poison singer, and allegedly suspended from Twitter.

WATCH: A viral TikTok claims that Rita Ora’s management has contacted him after his viral TikTok

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“I was not only blocked but also suspended from Twitter because of Rita Ora,” he claimed in the clip. “I hate you Rita Ora… More like Flopa Ora. Not a single hit since Black Widow

Shortly after that TikTok was published, baeronchan posted another video to a green screen screenshot allegedly from Rita Ora’s manager. 

“Hi Aaron, this is Rita Ora’s manager,” the text read. “Please take down your TikTok or you’ll be hearing from our lawyers.”

His response? “Can she afford to do that? 😕”

Then, the unimaginable thing happened that turned the story from chaotic to what seems like a full-blown celebrity drama: Rita Ora’s management allegedly issued a defamation claim against the TikToker… for a literal TikTok meme. 

WATCH: A viral TikTok claims that Rita Ora’s management has filed a defamation case against him for his TikTok

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Speaking with Girlfriend in the IG DMs, Aaron said that “everything is true, however I can’t confirm if anyone behind the texts and emails are of relation to Rita or Rita herself.” To quote Cardi B, “that’s suspicious… that’s weird….”

All we’re saying is: you be the judge. If we hear more from this story and the identity behind these alleged Rita Ora masked crusaders, we’ll let you know.

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