Meet the teens of Outer Banks in Netflix’s hot new beach-side series

Here's who the cast of Netflix's hot teen drama are dating.
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When it comes to juicy new teen shows that scratch that early day Riverdale itch you’ve had since the show went el bizarro, nothing hits quite closer to home like Netflix’s The Outer Banks.

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Set in a small beach town divided by the rich and the poor, the series follows a ragtag group of teens called the Pogues, made up of leader John B., AKA Chase Stokes, as they uncover the mystery behind his missing father and a secret $400 million buried at sea. And, while there’s only one season on Netflix right now, we’re absolutely obsessed with the results and its cast. 

Binged the show in a night like us and wanna know more about its cast in and out of the show? Keep reading to learn all about The Outer Banks cast, who they’re dating and more.

Outer Banks cas
The Pogues: Chase Stokes (L), Madison Bailey (C), Jonathan Daviss and Rudy Pankow (R). (Credit: Netflix.)

Chase Stokes

Chase Stokes (Daytime Divas) plays John, the Pogues ringleader who convinces his friends to join him on the mystery behind his father’s disappearance, who vanished one day after searching for an abandoned submarine.

Stokes’s Instagram presence is cool, hipster surfer-boy chic. Seen below with his buddies heading into ride some waves and onto some long road-trip adventures, and with a love for classic ’80s and ’90s cinema. To be honest, we’re not quite sure if this is John’s or a Chase Stokes account, lol. You can follow Chase Stokes on Instagram @hichasestokes.

Chase Stokes
Chase loves to surf. (Credit: Instagram.)
Chase Stokes Outer Banks
Chase Stokes is the star of Outer Banks and his IG profile. (Credit: Instagram.)

Last year in June, Chase revealed that he and his Outer Banks co-star Madelyn Cline were dating. In the post confirming the news, he shared a photo from a date they had by the beach – orange tinted sunset, sand in their feet, tin foils containers with pasta in them, a bottle of wine and smiles galore. 

“Cats outta the bag ❤️,” he wrote in the caption of the post that was liked by 2.7 million fans. 

Chase Stokes
Chase confirmed he was dating Madelyn on the 15th of June, 2020. (Credit: Instagram)

Rudy Pankow

Rudy Pankow is JJ, John’s best friend and the jokester of the group, so it’s no surprise that he’s a totally handsome internet clown on Instagram. You can follow him on IG @rudeth.

Rudy Pankow
Rudy Pankow and his epic Nerf gun collection are ready for the apocalypse. (Credit: Instagram)

While he keeps his love life quite private, he seems to spend a lot of dumb goofing about with his co-star Jonathan Daviss. 

Rudy Pankow Jonathan Daviss
Rudy and Jonathan competing for the prize of Best Bromance. (Credit: Instagram.)

Jonathan Daviss

Jonathan Daviss plays Pope, the smart and cautious member of the Pogues who’s studying for a scholarship to get out of the poor side of the Outer Banks. You can follow him @jonathandavissofficial.

Rudy Jonathan
Bros who do facials together, stay together (and have amazing skin!) (Credit: Instagram.)


Madelyn Cline (Boy Erased, Stranger Things) plays Outer Banks queen bee Sarah Cameron. Coming from the richer side of the small beach city, Sarah is more than she alludes to and joins the group after she meets John. Growing feelings towards him, things between her and her surfing boo, Topper (Austin North), become a bit complicated, but shippers of John and Sarah will be happy to know the pair are a thing off the show, too.

Outer Banks
Chase and Maddie are together on and off-camera. (Credit: Instagram.)

As mentioned earlier, as of the 15th of June last year, she and Chase are dating. It’s likely the pair were dating for a while as he captioned their first post together as “cat[s] outta the bag” and Jonathan replied, “well, it’s about time.”

You can follow her on Instagram @madelyncline

Outer Banks
Madelyn says Chase gives her “butterflies.” (Credit: Instagram.)

Madison Bailey

Madison Bailey (Black Lightning) plays Kiara, the Pogues squad’s athletic hippie and social activist from a rich family. Simply put, next to the rampant adventures of John’s treasure hunts and JJ, she’s the chillest member of the group but still craves adventure like the rest of them and has a cheeky sense of humour. You can follow her on IG over @madisonbaileybabe.

Madison Bailey
(Credit: Instagram.)

Last year, the 22-year-old came out as pansexual on TikTok and revealed she’s dating Mariah Linney. And, yes, they look unbelievably cute together. 

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