Noah Centineo hypes up his friend and director for his new movie, ‘North Hollywood’

This is super wholesome.

It looks like Noah Centineo might be starring in a new movie and no, we’re not talking about that DC superhero flick.


Over on his Instagram, the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before star shared a video of him on set of North Hollywood, an upcoming coming of age film by Mikey Alfred and produced by Grammy-winning singer Pharrell Williams. 

In the video, Noah is seen wearing a white tee with a “North Hollywood” print and holding a clapperboard with the words “North Hollywood” amidst a number of different signatures. Then he hands the board over to Alfred, also known as skater Illegal Civ, and rides a skateboard down a suburban road. Seconds later, he’s joined by an army of teen skaters, presumably made up of some of the cast.


“I had been hearing about Mikey from my younger brother Diego for three years before we first spoke over the phone about North Hollywood,” he wrote in a complimentary statement in the second pic of the post.

“Once I heard about Mikey’s involvement and producing of Mid-90s… I immediately pinned him in my head as someone I wanted to work with. To me, it was a question of how and when, not if.”

According to Deadline, North Hollywood is the first ever movie about becoming a pro skateboarder. The film was pitched to the Sundance Film Festival but was rejected, before Alfred and others started looking for a buyer around Los Angeles. Earlier this month, per Hypebeast, Williams and skateboard legend Tony Hawk lent their support. 


Centineo continues, adding that two years later, he saw that the group had “run into friction when it came to distribution” and “knew he needed to do everything in his power to help get it sold.”

“Skating has set the precedent for innovations in language, fashion, culture and inclusivity since its genesis. Or in other words, people have been biting skate culture forever. Despite being an extremely marketable, commercial and contagious enigma it has remained deeply authentic to its Anti-Culture roots.”

“Not to mention this being Mikey’s Directorial Debut. If you compound the aesthetic world he built, the use of real skate culture, the use of iconic locations around NoHo, the selection of the cast AND CREW… I see a wild future ahead of him and am just grateful to be apart of the ride.”

Prior to Centineo’s post, he had no ties to the film that we knew of. Deadline originally reported icon Ryder McLaughlin (Mid-90s), Aramis Hudson (Mid-90s), Nico Hiraga (Booksmart), Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly), Angus Cloud (Euphoria) and Vince Vaughn (Wedding Crashers). 

So, if he’s not in the actual film, Centineo might play a role behind the camera or just be a really big fan. Either way, it’s a very sweet gesture nonetheless and we love him all the more for it. 


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