High School Girls Turn Into Radical Teens Fighting The Patriarchy In Netflix’s Moxie

The new film stars Josephine Langford, Lauren Tsai and Amy Poehler.
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After We Collided star Josephine Langford is about to join a group of radical gals fighting the patriarchy in high school, and we can’t wait to see it.

WATCH: The Trailer To Netflix’s Moxie

The 23-year-old Perth-born actress, best known for her starring role as Tessa Young in the After film series, is about to star in Moxie, a new Netflix teen coming-of-age story, directed by Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler, about a group of high school girls who, inspired by the radical movements of the past, stand up against sexism and misogyny at school. 

According to Netflix, the film follows Vivian (Hadley Robinson), a seemingly shy 16-year-old, who has always preferred to keep her head down and fly under the radar—that is, until she meets the new girl who opens her eyes to the unchecked crude behaviour of her fellow students seen throughout school. 

Hadley Robinson
Hadley Robinson will play Vivian, the shy 16-year-old girl who accidentally starts a revolution at school (Instagram). (Credit: Instagram)

Inspired by her mother’s (Amy Poehler) rebellious past, Vivian publishes an underground zine—called Moxie—that aims to expose bias and wrongdoing in her school. And not only does it go off at school, but she soon discovers her words have inspired its own movement.

Now, thrown into the centre of a revolution, Vivian, the once shy girl, is tasked with more responsibility than she first anticipated, forging friendships with other young women and allies beyond her cliques and school clubs.

Josephine Langford plays one of those young women, alongside Terrace House alumni and model Lauren Tsai, Josie Totah, Anjelika Washington, and Sabrina Hasket. The film also stars Nico Hiraga as Vivian’s relatable boy-crush, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s son Charlie Hall, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son, Patrick Schwarzenneger.

We can’t wait! (Credit: Netflix)

Moxie debuts on Netflix on the 3rd of March. If you haven’t, you can sign up to Netflix here.

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