Miley Cyrus’ Little Brother In ‘The Last Song’ Grew Into A Total Babe!

Little Jonah is all grown up
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

One of the most memorable performances of The Last Song is definitely Ronnie’s adorable little brother Jonah (Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth falling in love in front of our eyes is up there too!).

Not only did he make lot of money from his sis by making her pay him to keep her secrets but he made that impressive stained glass window with his dad and had us in tears by the end of the movie!

WELL. The actor who brought the character to life, Bobby Coleman, isn’t so little anymore and boy did he get hot!


Can’t believe it but he’s 19 now and his most recent role was in the 2013 film Robosapien: Rebooted. He’s also living it up in L.A. these days and trying to buy expensive cars…


He’s not very active on Insta but when Bobby finally posts something it always gives us life! Although he does seem to like being super cryptic which is always confusing.

Like, recently he shared this post of him kissing a girl, with the caption: “Broken hearts and lost memories.” He tagged the girl ‘Jackie Meyer,’ who’s Insta is unfortunately set to private. Is it an ex girlfriend? Did she break his heart? It makes us so sad but we don’t know what it means!


Oh, and apparently he’s super strong too!


He even discovered an ancient movie a while back that’s also called The Last Song. Lel.


He might be all grown up and a super babe now but we’ll always remember him like this *runs for the tissues*

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