Lindsay Lohan Just Asked Disney To Do ‘Freaky Friday’ & ‘Herbie’ Sequels

We are SO down!

Your Friday is about to get a whole lot freakier!

Lindsay Lohan has officially asked Disney to make sequels to two of our ALL-TIME favourite movies: Freaky Friday and Herbie: Fully Loaded!!! YAAASSS!!!

The actress put the call out on Twitter, tagging Disney directly and asking fans to “RT if you want this.” Clearly we’re not the only ones losing it rn coz the tweet has over 8,000 retweets and likes!


A few weeks ago, Linds even spoke about potentially reviving another of her iconic movies, Mean Girls, which we’re obviously also down for!

So, what would a Freaky Friday sequel look like? Would Anna have married Jake (Chad Michael Murray)? Maybe they’ll have a daughter and the switch will happen again?

And Herbie 2.0? The possibilities are endless with a car that has a mind of its own! 

Who’s keen to bring these Disney classics back??

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