Sofia Carson called working on ‘Songbird’ with KJ Apa “the experience of a lifetime”

It's a pandemic movie shot in a pandemic, because why not?

After many sad show cancellations (RIP Sabrina and Katy Keene) and postponements during the coronavirus pandemic, it looks like things might slowly be picking up. Zendaya produced a whole movie during quarantine, and today we have an update on Songbird. One of its leads, Sofia Carson, says it’s coming *very soon.* For those who missed it, Riverdale star KJ Apa and Sofia Carson of Disney’s Descendants franchise are heading up a new pandemic movie called Songbird.

“It was Michael Bay, myself, Demi Moore, Bradley Whitford, KJ Apa and more and more really incredible cast,” shared Carson in a new interview. “It took us a month and a half to shoot, and we wrapped it like this [snaps finger]. It was surreal,” she explained.

“We were on such a time crunch because of the quarantine and because of new SAG regulations and such, we had to get it done fast. Our workload during the day was much more intense,” she dished. “The movie was shot almost as if it was live theatre and that there weren’t that many takes, and a lot of scenes were kind of shot back to back as if it was live, which kind of added to the intensity and how raw and real the film will end up being.”

“It was definitely an experience of a lifetime, plus the crew was really limited,” Carson continued. “There wasn’t lighting setups, there wasn’t multiple cameras […] it was like live theatre almost. It was so cool.” You can peep her full interview below.

The film is being produced by Transformers director Michael Bay and it’s actually… kind of eerie how close it’s lining up with real life.

According to early info from back in May, Songbird is a pandemic film that tells the story of people in a virus-ruined Los Angeles in 2022. In the film, lockdowns were removed too early and the virus came back stronger than ever. Two months on… that’s actually what’s happened in the States.
Lockdowns in a number of states were rolled back and earlier this week the United States reported a record number of new COVID-19 cases: over 60 thousand in 24 hours.

Despite this, Songbird started production in Los Angeles on July 8th, making it one of the first movies to start shooting in the city since the lockdown.

KJ Apa is playing a motorbike courier called Nico who happens to have a rare immunity to the virus. Carson is playing Sara, a young artist who Nico falls in love with.

According to the official announcement, Nico will have to “overcome martial law, murderous vigilantes and a powerful, well-connected family, helmed by a matriarch who will stop at nothing to protect her family and maintain her way of life.”

Also joining the cast are Demi Moore, who’ll be playing the matriarch and Jenna Ortega, who you might remember as Joe’s sarcastic teenage neighbour in You.


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