Kendall Jenner’s Little Trick For Getting More Instagram Likes

Ideal for lazy girls
Getty Images

Kendall Jenner is one of our fave celebs to follow on Instagram. She shows a peek of her real (but fabulous) life with some behind the scenes snaps, while also not taking the platform too seriously. But don’t think she hasn’t thought about the likes she gets, even she wants to get more and she has a method to it…

Kendall told Vogue in a recent interview that the key to a smokin’ insta-feed is to do less!

Kenny explained: “You don’t want to do too many posts. You want to leave them wanting to come back. Mystery!”

Ahhh mystery hey? We can do that!

Wonder if being Kendall Jenner helps too… 😉 She practices what she preaches though and only posts a few times a week so it’s a good theory!

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