JK Rowling’s Fave Harry Potter Chapter Is Giving Us All The Feels

Getty Images

Every Harry Potter fan has a fave character, or a fave book…but do you guys have a fave chapter?! JK Rowling does and the minute (literally) she revealed it, every HP fangirl felt their heart break coz it’s that beautiful. When JK was asked what her #1 chapter was she gave this answer… brace yourselves!

If you’re wracking your brain trying to remember which part that is, it’s in the final book where Harry makes the hard decision to go into the forest to confront Voldemort, knowing that he’ll probably have to die to take down The Dark Lord. And then (we can barely write this without tearing up) he sees his family and loved ones and they use the golden snitch and it’s literally the most real moment ever. More real than Sirius dying. 

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