Jacob Elordi just joked that ‘The Kissing Booth’ might be a movie series that “never ends”

Could you imagine Noah and Elle... the married couple with kids?

Jacob Elordi might be busy promoting his new film 2 Hearts but that hasn’t stopped a little cheeky speculation about his fan-favourite series, The Kissing Booth. A lot of ink has been spilled speculating and joking about how much it seems like Elordi struggles with being in the cute and silly Kissing Booth series. After an IRL breakup with his co-star Joey King, advising his fans not to be like his TKB character Noah, the actor has now weighed in again on his thoughts about the massive popularity of the series and what it means for future films.


Speaking with the Boston Herald, Elordi reflected on the sudden stardom that landing the role of Noah in The Kissing Booth brought him. “In a sense, relative to myself, it felt like an extraordinary opportunity simply because it was my ticket out of Australia and brought me to America,” he shared.

As for the film’s popularity, Elordi revealed he wasn’t actually expecting it, despite the massive success that the original books series by author Beth Reekles found on Wattpad. “So the first one, I didn’t expect to be a very big movie,” he explained.

Could we potentially have a Fast and Furious situation on our hands? Will we see a ten-movie long franchise with multiple spin-offs? When asked if we might see a Kissing Booth 6, 7, 8, eventually, Elordi laughed and said something very intriguing. 

I dunno,” he admitted, laughing. “I haven’t thought about that. Maybe it’s one of those movies that never ends.”

Is that the sound of a young actor terrified of being typecast as the handsome jock in teen movies? Or could we see a Kissing Booth instalment set after the whole gang has graduated and is about to face the world beyond college? At the moment, we have an already-filmed third Kissing Booth movie arriving in 2021, and as for more? We’ll be waiting to see…

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