If Kylie Jenner And Lucy Hale Had A Baby, This Is What She’d Look Like

You'll freak when you see how similar she is to them.
Getty Images (x2)
It seems like each week there’s a new celeb doppelgänger doesn’t there? But what about a love-child between two stars?! Fans are freaking out over how much this Instagram user looks like the offspring of Kylie Jenner and Lucy Hale!
Even Pretty Little Liars star, Lucy, agrees! She posted this meme on her feed and since then we’ve been getting our stalk on…
The secret love-child is Insta user Kelsey Calemine and she is the perfect mix between Kylizzle and Lucy. It’s actually insane. Check it out and hold onto your seats for the pic where she has long dark hair like Aria…

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