Here’s What The Cute Guy From ‘Princess Diaries’ Looks Like Now!

Hint: he looked even cuter now
Remember Michael Moskovitz (Robert Schwartzman) from Disney’s The Princess Diaries? He’s the one who was Princess Mia’s ‘always-there’ brother of her BFF who she kinda had a thing for, but it never really happened until the end? Saaah cute! 
He and Anne Hathaway’s character, the Princess Mia Thermopolis has some major adorable situation going on between them that was basically goals. 
Well, if you thought he was babe’n back then in the movie (which was totally 15 years ago already! 😨), then you’re going to love him now. He grew up! Not only that, but the guy who’s now in his place is a legit babe. He was always into his music and so that’s been a big focus of his life since the movie and according to his Gram, he’s big into rescuing animals *MELLLTTT!*

So, yeah! Cute, right?

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