Here Are All The Harry Potter References In Fantastic Beasts

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We knew there’d be a truckload of Harry Potter references in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Some we knew about, some we didn’t, and some we knew abut but still have no idea where they’re going… so we rounded ’em all up for you!

Obviously this post contains SPOILERS!!! So if you haven’t seen the movie go look at this thing here and enjoy that.

SO here’s all 11 references to the Harry Potter universe… 

1. Gellert Grindelwald
We heard so many teasing details about the ex-friend of Dumbledore’s who turned into the darkest wizard of his time (Voldie out did him but that came later) but now we FINALLY get to see him and we’re gonna see A LOT more too…

2. Leta Lestrange
Leta only appears in a photo in Newt’s suitcase but with a last name like that we know it’s no coincidence and she will be linked to the family of Bellatrix (and Sirius!). Newt is clearly in love with her and describes her as an old friend but adds, “people change.” Hmmm, watch this space.

3. Bowtruckles

One of Newt’s favorite fantastic beasts is a bowtruckle, who clings to his jacket even when he’s supposed to be hanging out with the rest of the bowtruckles. They don’t appear in the Harry Potter movies, but in the book version of Order of the Phoenix, Professor Grubbly-Plank teaches the fifth years about them during Care of Magical Creatures.

4. Albus Dumbledore 
YAY DUMBLY! He’s mentioned as being one of Newt’s professors from Hogwarts and he was one of his faves. We also learn that even then he had a reputation for being kinda out there.

5. Hufflepuff

Newt’s house scarf is seen when his suitcase is set to Muggle-Worthy mode and again at the end of the movie. He’s clearly one proud Hufflepuff if he’s wearing it even after he  was expelled!

6. The Deathly Hallows

The plot twist that Percival Graves was Grindelwald the whole time was revealed and when we see the Deathly Hallows symbol it all falls into place. When Percival/Grindelwald is trying to convince Credence to help him out, he gives him a necklace with a charm of the Hallows symbol. #Danger

7. Nifflers 
We first met Nifflers when Hagrid taught his Care of Magical Creatures class about them, we then got to hear about them destroying Umbridge’s office which was very satisfying, and now they’re back! In Fantastic Beasts Newt has a niffler and he’s bloody cute.

8. Murtlap
If the name murtlap rings a bell it’s because the creature that escapes from Newt’s suitcase also secretes (we guess) an essence that’s an important potions ingredient for healing! In Order of the Phoenix, Hermione uses murtlap essence to treat Harry’s cuts from Umbridge’s awful line writing…

9. Erumpents 
This is another magical creature, but this one is thought to be near-extinction in Harry’s age so it’s pretty cool they included it! Obvs the Erumpent escapes and yada yada, causes trouble. But you might remember it from But The Deathly Hallows, when the gang are on the run from Voldemort and go to the Lovegood’s house. Papa Xenophilius owned a crumple-horned snorkackerumpent horn, that was actually a highly explosive Erumpent horn. It explodes his house in case you don’t remember. Awks.

10. Squibs 
With all the tensions between muggles and wizards in Fantastic Beasts we’re not surprised Squibs come up. From Harry Potter we know that Filch is a Squib and it’s VERY embarrassing to come from a wizarding family and now have magical powers. Newt originally thinks Credence is a Squib (he’s not FYI).

11. Quidditch
Alas, we don’t see any games of Quidditch but it’s mentioned when someone asks Newt if he’s a seeker, and he replies, “I’m more of a chaser, really.” Good old punny Newt. 

Did we miss any references? Let us know!

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