Guess How Much Harry Potter Money Is Worth In The Muggle World?

Thank you again Reddit!
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Money gets mentioned A LOT in the Harry Potter books, but many of us were always left wondering how much it’s worth compared to our muggle money. Like, we know that the Malfoy’s are rich and we’ve figured out Harry is plenty well off after his parents left him piles of galleons, and we also know that the Weasley’s were struggling to make ends meet… but what does it REALLY mean? 

Reddit user aubieismyhomie went through every Harry Potter book and took note of anytime money was mentioned and did the coolest maths you’ll ever see. So here’s what we know:
– 17 sickles= 1 galleon
– 29 knuts= 1 sickle
– 493 knuts= 1 galleon

Taking an educated guess, the user figured out what wizarding products (like candy, butter beer and books) had real world counterparts, what their value was and how it translated into (USD not AUD) dollars and cents, leaving us with…

– Galleon= $25
– Sickles= $1.50
– Knuts= $.05


Cool huh? That means that the price on Harry’s head set at 100,000 galleons is huge 2.5 MILLION dollars! It also means that butter beer comes in nice and cheap at $3 a bottle and wands are under $200 which is fair. It also shows just how generous Harry was with his wealth: giving the Weasley twins his 1,000 galleon/$25,000 Triwizard Tournament winnings to set up their joke shop and dropping a low-key 10 galleon each (equaling $750) on Omnioculars for himself, Ron and Hermione at the Quidditch World Cup.

Sadly it also shows how poor the Weasley’s really were. In the Chamber of Secrets, there’s a part where the family empty out their Gringott’s vault for school supplies and the 1 galleon and a pile of sickles is only worth $50 to $75. They have to get ALL their kids books, robes and a wand for Ginny. That’s insane! Makes you realise how bad Harry and Ron must have felt when they got a fine for the flying car that was 50 galleons…

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