Disney Channel’s New Show ‘Andi Mack’ Is The Next ‘Lizzie McGuire’

And there's a shocking twist that will blow your mind!

It’s hard to believe but it’s been 13 years since the last episode of Lizzie McGuire aired! Now there’s a new Disney Channel show that’s guaranteed to fill the void and it sounds EPIC!

Not only is Andi Mack created by Terri Minsky, the genius behind Lizzie, but it’s also the first DC show to feature a mostly Asian-American family. And as if you need any more reasons to tune in, there’s a shocking twist that’s gonna blow everyone’s minds!


The story follows “a sheltered 12-year-old whose older, cooler sister returns home on her 13th birthday and reveals a secret that changes her life forever.” But if you’re thinking this is just some standard Disney Channel twist, think again.

The revelation is so un-Disney, you might even wonder what channel you’re watching!

Ready for it? Turns out Andi’s sister Bex is actually her… MOTHER!

WHOA. Of course there’s nothing wrong with the unexpected secret, which was revealed at the end of the pilot episode, it’s just that it’s SUCH a mature subject for a DC show.

But according to Terri, that’s exactly what Disney Channel wanted and she was pretty surprised they actually agreed with her idea.

“When The Disney Channel called to say ‘Listen, we’re thinking we need to come up with something different and you did it for us before [with Lizzie McGuire], do you have anything?’ I was kind of thinking, well, yeah. But, in like a million years, I really didn’t expect them to go for it,” Terri dished to Seventeen.


“I’m so glad that they went for it,” she continued. “Obviously I didn’t come to them with drugs and alcohol problems, but every single thing we’ve wanted to do — they’ve been like, okay, so it’s been a great experience.”

And the risk totally payed off! Andi Mack has the same real-life feel we all loved about Lizzie McGuire but the crazy twist adds a refreshing emotional layer to the show.

Check out the trailer below…

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