Demi Lovato’s Little Sister Is All Grown Up

They could be twins!
Getty Images
Remember back in the day when Demi Lovato would always take her little sis, Madison De La Garza, as her red carpet date? Well Madison is all grown up now and looks so much like her big sis! Demi even thinks her and Madison, who is 14, look so similar that she captioned a Snapchat selfie “twinzies”.
Maddie has a pretty cool Instagram, too, filled with snaps with her fam and friends. Yep, more with Demi!
Here she is having a LOL about seeing her sister’s wax figure:

So grown up!

She really rocks the no-makeup, natural hair look! Oh and if you didn’t know, Maddie played Juanita Solis on the TV show Desperate Housewives! How time flies…

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