David Henrie’s ‘Wizards’ Throwback With Selena Gomez Basically Broke Instagram

The Russo kids are still super tight.

Remember how Selena Gomez reunited with her Wizards of Waverly Place brother David Henrie back in January?

The WoWP fandom ~lost it~ seeing Alex and Justin Russo back together again, talking about what the characters would be up to today and even hinting at a revival!

And clearly he’s still got a Wizards reboot on his mind. David just shared an ~adorable~ throwback with Sel and basically broke Instagram.

“Throwing it way back this #TBT to a still from the first episode I wrote of Wizards!” he wrote on Insta. “This was a special episode for me as I got to fulfill a dream of mine 🙂 Who remembers this one!? @selenagomez if u still have that shirt I want it.”

Nawww! In case you forgot, the episode David wrote was called ‘Alex’s Logo’ and it was all about Alex designing her own t-shirts and selling them at school. She ends up winning an award and, of course, gets caught up in a bit of trouble.

Now all we need is Selena to reply with a pic of her wearing the shirt and life will be complete.

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