12 Major Celebrities Who Have TikTok Accounts

Get on it.
Those of us who spend our lives on the Internet know that TikTok is a video-sharing platform populated mostly by young people and celebrities, where users can share videos between 15 seconds and a minute in length (usually with music in the background, but often without).
The Chinese-owned app started off as ‘Musical.ly‘ before changing its name to TikTok, and it’s since become almost as ingrained in youth culture as Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter are. (Thankfully, we are over our full-blown addiction to it—for now anyway!) It should also be pointed out that the zanier and quirkier a TikTok video, the better it is and the more views it’ll get.


Unsurprisingly, the app became an easy platform for escapism while many of us were stuck in self-isolation, and allows celebrities to give rare glimpses into their everyday lives—kind of like Instagram, but more fun, and way more addictive.

From Hailey and Justin Bieber’s tracksuit-clad dance videos to Laura Dern’s inconspicuous cameos in her daughter’s TikTok clips, scroll down for every celebrity you should be following on TikTok, when you get around to making an account.


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