Why We’re Obsessed With Camila Cabello As Cinderella

She was born to play a princess!
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The new Amazon Original movie just dropped here in Australia, and it stars none other than Camila Cabello in the leading role.

And believe us when we say, this girl was born to play a fairytale princess!

WATCH: Camila Cabello stars in the trailer for the new Cinderella movie

The movie is a new musical retelling of the classic Cinderella fairytale with a few twists that make it one of the most fun adaptations yet.

It’s young, it’s modern and yes, it even features an Ed Sheeran song. What more could you want from a storybook romance movie?

Naturally Camila steals the show with her amazing voice, but she’s not the only reason to stream the movie.

Take out word for it; we watched the movie and now we’re totally obsessed!

Scroll through to read the 12 thoughts we had while watching Cinderella.

Camila Cabello was born to play a princess! (Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

1. The music is nothing like what we expected! You’ll recognise heaps of the songs and honestly, even people who don’t usually enjoy musicals will probably sing along to a few of the numbers.

2. Camila Cabello looks AMAZING as Cinderella. We all know she’s gorgeous, but honestly she was made to be a princess. In fact, it’s a bit of a problem when her stepsisters are talking about her being covered in the cinders that give her that name – this girl doesn’t have a single drop of dirt or a blemish on her!

3. The stepmother and stepsisters aren’t the same versions we’ve seen in the past, so expect something a little different. The stepsisters are actually pretty funny, and the stepmother’s story is a nice shake-up compared to the original.

That’s Idina Menzel, AKA Elsa from Frozen and Elphaba from Wicked! (Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

4. Camila sounds amazing in every song (duh), but Idina Menzel as the stepmother steals the show. If her name sounds familiar, it’s because she’s literally Elsa from Frozen! She also helped make the musical Wicked famous on Broadway when she played Elphaba.

5. The costumes are incredible, but we’re on the fence about Cinderella’s dress! They’ve changed it up from the blue, puffy gown we’re used to from all the other Cinderella movies and we can’t decide if we love it or hate it.

6. Well HELLO prince charming. Or should we say Prince Robert? Either way, the prince (played by Nicholas Galitzine) is a total cutie and looks amazing in his all-black outfits. His singing isn’t quite on the same level as Camila’s, but hey, whose would be?

Prince charming looks like THIS? We stan. (Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

7. The prince also has a sister, Princess Gwen (played by Aussie-born star Tallulah Greive), and she’s seriously awesome. In fact, we kind of want a sequel all about her – who do we have to call at Amazon to make that happen?

8. The story has actually been changed quite a bit when it comes to Cinderella’s goals. Instead of wanting to fall in love and get married, this girl boss actually has dreams of being a fashion designer (but like, old-timey). We love it!

9. Throwback time! At one point the prince sings Somebody To Love by Queen, but all we could think of was when Anne Hathaway sang the same song in Ella Enchanted. It’s such a fun throwback, and yeah we kind of want to re-watch that movie now.

Billy Porter plays the new Fabulous Godmother. (Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

10. Gone is the old fairy godmother, make way for the Fabulous Godmother played by none other than Billy Porter. He’s one of the coolest characters in the whole movie and yes, we totally want him to give us all magical makeovers now!

11. This is a love story (of course) but the prince and Cinderella are actually super cute together. They really do act like teenagers who are falling in love for real – maybe Camila drew inspiration from her relationship with Shawn Mendes?

12. There are a few goofy scenes, but the actual message of the movie is super sweet and empowering. The ending isn’t exactly the same as the fairytale we all know and love – but we can’t give away what happens here! You’ll just have to watch it for yourself.

These two are actually super cute! (Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

If you’re not already convinced, just check out Camila’s music video for the song Million To One, which she released this week.

The song features in several scenes in the movie, all of which appear in the music video – it’s almost like a trailer of its own.

Check out the clip below and stream Cinderella on Amazon Prime Video from September 3.

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