Meet the cast of Stan’s exciting new Aussie teen show, ‘Bump’

The Sydney-based series follows an overachieving Year 11 girl who unexpectedly gives birth at school. Cue the drama.

If you’re looking for a new Aussie teen drama to watch, you can’t go wrong with Bump, a new Stan original that premiered on New Year’s Day. 

Set in Sydney’s inner west, Bump follows overachieving year 11 student Oly (Nathalie Morris) when she suddenly discovers she’s pregnant, goes into labour at school and has to raise a child while doing her trials and HSC

To make things even more confusing, Oly soon discovers that the father isn’t her boyfriend but another boy from school, Santiago (Carlos Sanson Jr.) who she had a one-night stand with. Her mother, Ange (Claudia Karvan) is the head of English and just might be secretly in love with the Chilean-born PE teacher at school, Matias Hernandez (Ricardo Scheihing Vasquez)… Aka Santiago’s dad 😬. 

From that premise alone, you can already expect to buckle up for a bumpy ride of relationship and baby drama, full of a diverse range of Australian characters. But, Bump also raises an important issue with stories about teenage mums: whenever we talk about teenage pregnancy, we always put blame and importance on the mum. The father of the child gets off scot-free. Without spoiling the plot, Bump puts the responsibility of raising the child equally on Santiago, the baby’s father, and we love that.

Anyway, if you wanna stop here and quickly binge the first ten eps, go on, that’s perfectly valid. Okay, you all caught up now? Great, so here’s everything you need to know about the cast of Stan’s Bump and where you can find them on Instagram. 

Everything You Need To Know About The Cast Of Stan’s Bump

Nathalie Morris

In Bump, Nathalie Morris plays the lead and year 11 student Oly, who discovers she’s pregnant and decides to raise a child and still go to school. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Morris is a Canberra-raised, NZ-trained actress. 

From a look at her Instagram, we spotted a few cute pics of her with a boy named Andrew V Eddy (@andrew.v.eddy). The first sign of him on her profile was all the way back in 2015, so we suspect they’ve been dating for the long haul—super cute!

Nathalie Morris Instagram

You can find Nathalie Morris on Instagram under the username @nathaliemorris_


Carlos Sanson Jr.

In Stan’s Bump, Carlos Sanson Jr. plays the boy Oly has a one night stand with—Aka the baby daddy—Santiago. You can also find him on Netflix’s Malibu Rescue as Wayno and Diego on CW’s Legacies series.

Carlos Sanson Jr. Instagram

You can find Carlos Sanson Jr. on Instagram under the username @__sars

No clue on whether he’s dating right now, but he does love to spend a lot of time with friends.

Bridie McKim

In Bump, Bridie McKim plays one of Oly’s and Santiago’s classmates, Esha. Elsewhere, she played Sabine, a high schooler with cerebral palsy in ABC’s The Heights TV series.

Bridie McKim Instagram

You can find Bridie McKim on Instagram under the username @bridiemckim

Another fun fact? She’s a triplet. Here are her siblings, Lauren and Jackson.

Additionally, here is a photo of her dressed as an egg.

Loane Sa’ula

Loane Sa’ula is a Samoan-Australian actor and plays Vince in Stan’s new Aussie teen drama. Outside of the show, Sa’ula shares photos from behind the scenes of Bump and of his family.

Loane Sa’ula Instagram

You can find Loane Sa’ula on Instagram under the username @ioane_ns


Peter Thurnwald

Peter Thurnwald is a Gold Coast-raised, Perth-trained actor and plays Oly’s boyfriend—or rather, ex-bf—Lachie. 

Peter Thurnwald Instagram

You can find Peter Thurnwald on Instagram under the username @peterthurnwald


No word on if he’s dating anyone, but we can confidently say that he’s either a model or likes to be spotted leisurely walking across bridges in Perth…


Henrietta Enyonam

Henrietta Enyonam is a Ghanian-Australian actress who plays Talia, another one of Oly’s classmates in Bump. Elsewhere, she’s absolutely stunning✨ serving looks on Instagram and educating and entertaining us all with her own YouTube channel, HenriTalks.

Henrietta Enyonam Instagram

You can find Henrietta Enyonam on Instagram under the username @henrietta.enyonam


No word on if she’s dating anyone right now, but, honestly, we’re just happy to be in her digital presence 😍. 

Bump is available to stream exclusively on Stan

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