Awks!! When There’s A MAJOR Mistake On The Harry Potter Books

And fans are NOT happy about it!!
Juniper Books

There are all sorts of kick-ass special edition Harry Potter book covers around but we’ve never seen one like this!!

Juniper Books created four custom “choose your house” jackets (one each for Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff) and they’ve been on sale for years. But it was only recently that everyone started to point out their huge stuff up… Can you see it??

We’ll give you a clue…

Got it?? Any Harry Potter stan would know that Ravenclaw’s house mascot isn’t actually a raven, it’s an eagle. You might remember from the books, Ravenclaw Tower has a bronze eagle-shaped knocker that only lets Hogwarts students through if they can a answer a riddle.

“Our Ravenclaw design has a raven in it,” explains Thatcher Wine, Juniper Books’ big boss man. “And for the first time I’ve received complaints that [fans] wanted to see an eagle in it because that’s the house mascot.”

Luckily, they decided to scrap the original design and print some new, more accurate covers… Phew!!

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