Ariana Grande’s 2012 Makeup Tutorial Is EVERYTHING

Brace yourselves.
Ariana Grande‘s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of throwbacks. She started it in her Victorious days, and this hilarious makeup tutorial from 2012 has just caught our eye. Teaching us important beauty hacks like: “I just use the darkness of my tired eyes as my eyeshadow” and “I’m just going to wipe that off because I hate it”, this is must-watch viewing. 

Starting off strong saying she’s doing a tutorial today because she’s “bored”, Ari continues to be all of us by applying foundation with her hands (like a “five year old doing an art project” to be exact) and whipping our a strawberry Chapstick. 

“This is going to be the worst makeup tutorial ever”, or is it the best Ari? Check it out… 

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