Apparently Getting To & From Adele’s Sydney Concerts Is Gonna Be Painful AF

Hint: it has something to do with the 95,000 guests each night
Getty Images
Perth and Brisbane have already been blown away by Adele‘s insane voice and now it’s finally Sydney’s turn! But before you get too excited, there’s something you should know.

Apparently getting to and from ANZ Stadium via public transport this Friday and Saturday night is gonna be an actual nightmare! Turns out, the HUGE amount of people heading in to see the singer (about 95,000 each night!) and trackwork means ~major~ delays.
Sydney Trains reckons it could take up to three hours to get into Sydney Olympic Park on Saturday! THREE HOURS.
But they say the inconvenience isn’t their fault; apparently event organisers didn’t give them enough notice. 

Travel on public transport is included in your concert ticket — which organisers are encouraging us to take advantage of instead of driving — but ain’t nobody got time for that! Just FYI, if you want to drive you have to pre-book a spot in one of the car parks but the traffic jams are also set to be INTENSE.
Since several train lines will be down for track maintenance there will be express buses instead. Transport NSW has all the info you need for travel to and from both shows.

It’s definitely not ideal but of course it will all be worth once we hear that voice… if we get there in time!

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