Andrea Russett Confronts Catfish Who Stole Her (And Her Entire Family’s) Identity

O-M-G! Check out what she said.
When you’re internet famous you almost expect people to set up fake profiles as you, but what happens when they go too far and impersonate your friends and family. Popular YouTuber Andrea Russett found out the hard way when a case of catfishing went so far she called in the professionals, AKA the Catfish team from MTV. 
After noticing a fake profile that was a little ~too~ well done was getting likes from her ‘brother’ and ‘mother’, Andrea knew a troll had gone too far and contacted the Catfish show to get to the bottom of who was doing this. But what she later learnt didn’t just effect her…
Catfish is always mildly disturbing to watch but usually the person being catfished is a bit silly themselves (remember Spencer who was ‘dating’ Katy Perry), so it’s really hard to watch Andrea’s confusion and hurt over having her friends and families lives be used. “The fact that someone’s logging in and out of each profile just to keep it looking real is alarming that they’re that dedicated,” Andrea explained.

We won’t ruin what happens, but she does find the catfish and confronts her. You can check out what went down below 👇
Crazy stuff hey? Andrea is oddly cool with her own identity being used but rightly stepped up when it started involving her loved ones. What about poor Alex though?!

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