Aaron Samuels From ‘Mean Girls’ Has The Greatest Instagram Bio Ever

Wait until you see how 'sexy' his hair 'pushed back' is
Paramount Pictures

It’s been 12 years since anyone told Aaron Samuels that his hair looks sexy pushed back (which it totally does) and we still watch Mean Girls on a daily regular basis and ask “is butter a carb?” At least once a day!

We took a lil stalk on his Insta (OK, so we staaaaalked and it turns out Johnathan Bennet (AKA Aaron Samuels) is soooooo with us! Yaaas! He Mean Girls so hard that in fact in his Instagram bio he says;

“I get it….My hair looks sexy pushed back”

See? His hair really does look sexy pushed back!

Look at those eyebrows tho! They must be full of secrets! 

He fan girls all over his Instagram.


Like hello where can we get that tote! We tote-ally need one! 

He is totally best friends with Gretchen Weiners!

“Ex-boyfriends are just off limits to friends. That’s just, like, the rules of feminism!” God Gretchen you are so stupid! 

He is just all of us when we are down!

He still rocks pink! Only on Wednesdays though!

And above all he gave us this… 


Four for you Aaron Samuels, you go Aaron Samuels! 

OMG Jonathan Bennett we love your work!

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