A Big Harry Potter Movie Mistake Has Been Fixed By A Tumblr Artist

How didn't we notice this?!
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Hands up everyone who read the Harry Potter books back to front, two thousand times. That’s a lot of hands (coz we can see you ALL right now!). So we can all come together and be honest that the differences between the movies and the books drove us cray cray right?! They’re both amazing in their own right and we totally get they couldn’t include every chapter (but skipping the Weasly twins’ exit from Hogwarts still haunts us) but there was one really simple thing they could’ve gotten right: the characters eye colours.

JK Rowling mentions Harry’s green eyes a GAZILLION times. They’re like his mother’s and Snape loved them and James loved them aaaaaaand nope, sorry, Daniel Radcliffe has blue eyes. We’re not blaming anyone, just saying that coloured contacts are super cheap. Amiright?! Luckily a Tumblr artist, Aina, felt the same and decided to fix it.

She told Buzzfeed: “I was just having fun with how I could edit eye colors. I was actually really surprised at how much it spread. I only really get [angry] about young Lily Potter not having the same eyes as Daniel Radcliffe. She appeared for a few minutes and it’s disappointing that the filmmakers forgot about that very important detail.”

Lily and Harry gets their green eyes, Ron’s go from green to blue, Ginny rocks a gorgeous brown pair, Dumbledore’s piercing blue replaces the brown and even Voldemort gets a pair of red peepers! Without further ado, we give you, Harry Potter And The Correct Eye Colours!
(Credit: Tumblr.com/gael-garcia)

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