9 Deleted Scenes From Harry Potter That Will Change Your Life

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Who isn’t a Harry Potter buff? Even though the books and movies are all wrapped up, the fandom lives on and why shouldn’t it with amazing deleted scenes like these?! Some of these snippets will really change the way you see some characters, in fact, they might change everything. Some are just adorable and we know the movies are super long but WHY were these cut?!
Dumbledore’s Karaoke
In the Goblet Of Fire the competing schools come for a visit and they do their own shows but we didn’t get to see what Hogwarts did… until now! Naturally, Dumbledore leads the students in a rendition of ‘Hoggy Warty Hogwarts’. 10 points to Slytherin because Crabbe is getting so into it!

Professor McGonagall In Her PJ’s
Watch the glory here (at the 2.55 mark) and be treated to a glimpse of Professor McGonagall as she lets her hair down and talks to the Gryffindor crew late at night and gets sassy. 

The Quiet Before The Storm
This scene (at 3.28) from the Half Blood Prince movie is SO eerie! Everyone has been sent back to their common rooms and Hogwarts is in lockdown while the choir sings. Ron and Hermione watch a storm together, Snape is deep in thought and we even see a snippet of Draco in bed… A LOT of foreshadowing going on here. 

Harry Asks Ron And Hermione To Not Make Out In Front Of Him
Another one from the Half Blood Prince (at 5.55), this time we see Harry and Hermione have a serious chat about them leaving Hogwarts to pursue to horcruxes but naturally Harry has to get a dig about Ron and her in there. LOL!

Dumbledore REALLY Believes In Harry
This short but ~muy~ sweet as scene (starting at 3.10) shows the depth of Dumbledore and Harry’s friendship. The headmaster really trusts Mr Potter and has no problem leaving his life in his hands. BRB, need to go cry.  

Aunt Petunia Shows Her Soft Side
This is one of our fave scenes!!! It totally changes the way you see Petunia, turns out she’s human after all and misses her sister. Grab the tissues and watch from the 42 second mark

Dudley And Harry Are Bros
Ignore the huge green edge of the set in this one but watch from 1.30 for a glimpse at Dudley basically acknowledging Harry is his family, sasses his dad and says legit the nicest thing he’s ever said to Hazza. YAAASSS BIG D!  

Draco Saves Harry
Yup, this is one scene that goes a looooong way to redeeming Malfoy and we can’t believe it was cut! During the final battle with Voldemort, Draco sees Harry lose his wand and runs his own over to him, basically swapping sides during the fight. SLAY DRACO! 

Tonks And Remus At The Battle
We can’t deal with this one. Srsly, it’s too much so here is a screen cap instead of a video because we ran out of tissues at Petunia. We can see why it was cut from Deathly Hallows Part 2… it’s too real. 

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