7 Times Korey Kuhl Was The Ultimate Bestie To Tyler Oakley

As Tyler Oakley teases us with snippets of his upcoming and truly amazing looking documentary, Snervous, we want to take the time to celebrate the guy who has been by his side from the beginning; the hilarious, Katy Perry loving Korey Kuhl! These two are absolute friendship goals! 

1. When they reached the absolute top of the best friend tree and went on the Amazing Race together
2. When Korey rescued Tyler from a bin. But not so quickly that he didn’t have time to tweet about it first
3. When he celebrated their friendship anniversary and we realised that this was the event that was missing from our lives
4. The time Korey didn’t want Tyler to be embarrassed, so he asked the tough questions for him
5. When he created a unique emoji, just for his bestie
6. The time he helped throw Tyler the cutest party ever for the launch of his new book! Srsly, the most thoughtful thing ever
7. When Korey played such a big part in Tyler’s life and YouTube journey that he was included in the Snervous documentary

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