12 Times Jamie’s World Cut Straight To The Core

She's not scared to say it how it is!
Jamie Curry, from Jamie’s World (der), is one of of our fave YouTubers for a very simple reason: she’s no BS.  She knows how to laugh at herself, as confidence out the wazoo, but most importantly, isn’t afraid to speak the truth! Here are our favourite truth bombs…

1. The time she summed up what we’re all really thinking when we watch singing shows

2. Who DOESN’T do this?!

3. This perfect representation of all of us when someone tells us to move on
4. So weird. And yet so right…
5. When Jamie showed the dark side of beauty
6. Don’t act like you haven’t been wondering where they went!
8. When she was blunt about what everyone in the world seems to be saying right now
9. When she gave some sass back to one of the most annoying trends
10. Who hasn’t wondered this after a social media fail?!

11. FACTS.

12. Legit, nobody really likes these do they?

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