What Your Nail Polish Colour Says About You

Nails and nail art are life.
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People have been doing some legit hectic things with them lately and so, it’s time we lifted the lid on what each colour means and how you can properly paints your claws to reflect the kind of person you are and wanna be. 

So here we go:


Gurl, you flossy af! Red is the ultimate statement of glam realness with a bold “look at me” kinda vibe that is all about passion, fire and confidence. Le sexxay! ❤️

Basically impossible to ignore – kinda like the sun – these babies will set you from go to WOAH and basically mean you’re bold, spontaneous, extroverted and bohemian with a spicy sense of style. 

You’re one tasteful mumma. These softer tones and colours or purples and lilacs say you’re confident, tasteful, individual and not afraid to be the classic bae you are. 

This colour is all kinds of tropical and delicious and tends to mean you’re a pretty bubbly, creative and love summer. You’re a generous angel and make friends super easily. 

The moodiness is real! But also, these puppies say you’re a busy and important girl who likes a muted tone and is too fabulous and stylish to bother with colour. That and you were just going for a chic af look on your digits. 
Pale pink

There are heaps of shades of pink and they’re all amazing, but pale pinks in particular translate into you being the quiet girl, or the one who doesn’t want to stand out. You’re normally hella groomed and looking on point. 
Hot pink

On the other side of the coin, hot pink is the out loud and proud sister of pale pink, associated with fun, spontaneity and confidence. 💅
Soft blue

You’re the kind of girl to enjoy spending quality time with friends at someone’s house on a weekend instead of going nuts at a party with people you don’t know. You still like making friends and living life to the full, but prefer quality over quantity. 
Bright blue 

You’re the fun and experimental kind, the complete opposite of pale blue and give the impression you live an adrenaline-filled lifestyle. 

The more brooding and mysterious sister of a red nail, the burgundy wearer is all about depth and mystery, never giving anything away on the first meet-and-greet and typically demure, polite and edgy. 

Green is meant to be a relaxing colour, but when it’s on your nail it’s all about earthiness, cool urban vibes and a real spunk about you. Got a sense of adventure? This baby is for you!

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