What Are Soap Brows And Why Is Every Beauty Blogging Doing It?

The new way to fill in your face caterpillers
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Guys this year we have seen all types of crazy makeup tutorials from the weird (succulent plant finger nail art trend) to the wonderful time saving tends (spray on nail polish). Well now we’ve come across the crazy hack of the year – Filling in your brows with soap!

Yea we know! Crrrazzzzyyy

Anastasia Soare, the queen of brows, has officially endorsed the technique. Apparently it’s a Hollywood classic. Cara Delvevinge brows anyone?

Here’s how it works:

The waxy texture of the soap feathers the hair and gives the illusion of thicker brows – A girls dream! Also great in a pinch when you forget your brow pomade! 

All you need is a spoolie brush, warm water and some soap then BAM fuller brows! Just finish of with some product and you are ready to Slaaaaaaaay like the queen you are! 

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