This YouTuber Curled Her Hair Using Cheetos And It’s Hilarious

So does it work or not?

Curling your hair with random junk is the ‘beauty’ trend overtaking YouTube! This weeks crazy trial is with popular snack, Cheetos. YouTuber, Grav3yard Girl managed to get through the tutorial only eating a handful (plus the bag that never made it to filming) of the chippies so that’s an achievement in itself we reckon.

Ignoring the fact you’d end up with cheese dust all through your hair, they’re actually kinda the perfect shape for tight, springy curls. It took her 45 minutes, 72 bobby pins and half a bag of cheetos…. so you don’t want to rush this one. But does it work?! 

Watch the insanity and see the results for yourself…

Who woulda thunk it?! The grease in them seems to actually help make the curls shiny and bouncy! Here we come Saturday night….

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