This Weird Crystal Lip Trend Has Blown Instagram Up

Next level beauty tbh
Getty Images

When you’re Kylie Jenner, lips are life. And let’s be honest, even if you’re not KyKy, lips are still these fun little things connected to your face you can’t really hide from so may as well make the most of with make-up skilllzzz, right?

So, that’s what these beauty folk over on Instagram have done, by creating lips that look out of this world. 

They’ve been inspired by geodes from the depths of earth that over years have crystallised and made some seriously ‘lip-spiring’ designs to wear on your talk-hole. Maybe don’t touch on the practical implications of having these crusty situations hanging off your face all day when it comes to eating, talking, drinking or smiling, but the Insta-worthiness of the design is OOC! 

Say no more and let the images and vids do the rest…

Orrrr if your skills aren’t quite there yet (and let’s not lie, whose is?!), then these gemstone inspired vibes might be more you…

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