This Straightener Dyes Your Hair Blonde In Seconds


Harry Potter must be inventing things because this new product is so out of this world magical it has to be witchcraft. Introducing the Pravana Blonde Wand, a heated tool that dyes your hair blonde in SECONDS.

No BS! This is legit. Using a coconut oil heavy serum with bleach that can lighten your hair up to seven shades. Just look at this transformation…

While it looks like a straightener, the plates don’t actually touch, it just heats in between. There is NOTHING like this out there. Watch the full explanation of how it works and how to do it below to be truly blown away 👇

INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE! The bad news is it’s only available in hair salons right now (coz apparently we can’t be trusted… fair call) AND it’s only in the US for now. The second it’s here we’ll hunt it down and get a demo for you guys though!

Until then… we dream and praise the future!

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