There Is Now An Actual Serum To Make You Look Flawless In Pictures

Selfies just got even more futuristic
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Think the golden butterfly filter on Snapchat is the raddest you’ll ever look in a selfie? THINK AGAIN. There is no an actual freakin’ serum called ‘Photography Fluid’ that promises to give you a flawless finish to any pic of your face.

This could be the most vain thing on the market BUT let’s not pretend we’re not looking for an effortless hack to get perfect pictures. 

NIOD’s Photography Fluid “contains a wide array of light refracting prisms, tone and hue correctors, and topical photo-finishing technologies that offer even radiance within seconds.”

You can use it alone or mixed into your foundation or moisturiser.  How does it work? We dunno! But apparently it “contains light refraction technologies, a suspension of nano-prismatic gold, a red hue corrector derived from dragon fruit, a hydration carbohydrate, and a breathable surface mesh adherence technology.”

NIOD describes their brand as “Skincare for the Hyper-Educated” and tbh, we can’t argue. There’s A LOT of science put into their small range and we can see this becoming the next cult product. 

Cosmopolitan tried it out and the results speak for themselves…

Before using Photography Fluid

(Credit: Cosmopolitan)

After using Photography Fluid

(Credit: Cosmopolitan)

Hands up who wants to try it? Well it’s not ~crazy~ expensive like you’d expect and you can score some from for $45! Happy selfie-ing! 

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