The Internet Just Discovered What ‘MUA’ Means

And the reactions are giving us life.
You’ve probably noticed every Insta beauty account EVER has the acronym “MUA” in their bio and while most of us are familiar with the term, there’s ~many~ who still have no idea what it means.

 just uncovered the hilariously awkward epidemic after people took to Twitter to confess they’d only just discovered it stands for “make up artist.” Turns out they thought it meant everything from martial arts training to the sound of a kiss lol!

Here are some of the most lol-worthy reactions giving us life rn…
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But it gets better. Other have also just figured out that beauty blogger and Maybelline ambassador Manny MUA‘s last name isn’t Mua (it’s Guitierrez, just so you know).
This seriously just made our week (even though it’s only Thursday lol)!

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