The #FaceFullOfFoodChallenge Is Gonna Be The Internet’s Next Big Obsession

We’ve seen some ~crazy~ makeup challenges this year (those ‘100 layers of’ videos were just the beginning) but this might be the most insane/impressive one yet!

Raychel Newton — aka @makeup_maven on Instagram — thought it would be “super funny” to do a full face of makeup using only food for Thanksgiving. Yup, ONLY FOOD.

Now, it might sound like a bad/messy idea but she actually did a really great job! This is the final product:
But wait ’til you hear how she did it!

In a video posted on Insta, Raychel does everything from filling in her brows with cacao powder and using boxed mac-and-cheese powder as eyeshadow, to contouring with a Snickers bar and using raw beetroot as lipstick. She even burns the tips of coconut husk and sticks them on her lids and false lashes! We’ve never seen anything like it!

But in her caption she does add a disclaimer: “Attempt at your own risk. Try products on skin before use on face.”

Check out the full video below and prepare to have your mind blown.

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