The Best Way To Curl Your ‘Do Without A Straightener Or Iron!

Never thought of this tbh!

We all want that healthy and bouncy AF hair look that kinds makes people think we didn’t even have to try and just Beyonced life and woke up like this, yas? Without the need for a GHD or curling iron? BAM! 👊

It turns out total gorj beauty vlogger Nicole Skyes may have found the answer to our heat- and curling-iron-free prayers!

Yep, so by using toilet rolls, she’s reinvented what it means to curl your ‘do and the world as we know it has been changed. 

The first thought is, ‘what, curly hair without heat? It can’t be done, there’s no way!’ Til you check out this tutorial she posted and watch your mind implode. 

So all Nicole does is legit roll toilet rolls in her hair and leave them in over night. She wakes up in the morning and looks like an even fresher version of Becky with the good hair tbh. Check it out…

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