The 7 Tips You Need To Know To Grow Your Hair Faster

What you wanna know for a babe'n head of hair

Everyone wants that super amazing head of hair that totally looks like a hair commercial, right? But growing hair can be epically hard – not to mention boring – if you don’t know the right way, so let us help you! 

1. Be patient. Nothing happens overnight, sadly and though you might be doing all the right things like the tips below, you need to just chillax and take it easy. Perfection takes time!

2. Cut your hair often. It might seem like this is working against you, but it totally isn’t. By cutting-off split ends before they run up the length of your hair, means you’ll save your hair from more needed to be cut off to get it back to normal. Think of it as being ‘proactive’. 

3. Don’t shampoo often and use conditioner every time you shower. These two are legit important. Hair doesn’t like to be stripped of all its natural oils – unless you need it and it’s been a long time. Hold off the shampoo as often as you can and instead use conditioner to let the hair be natural and healthier. 

4. Apply an oil or mask treatment weekly. Coconut oil is the most amazing thing for your hair. Mix it with almond oil and jojoba oil and it will replace the fatty lipids and goodies your hair needs to thicken-up, become stronger and grow longer.

5. GENTLY brush your hair. Hair is sensitive and can’t be brushed too hard or for too long without damage being done. If you use a detangler, start from the bottom of the hair and work your way up-to the scalp. Brush it like it’s delicate silk and you’ll have no damage and no problemos!

6. Don’t sleep with a cotton pillowcase. Cotton pillowcases can catch hair and give you tangles. Try switching it for a satin pillow case and you’ll have less problems. 

7. Pass-on the ponytail. Keep mixing-it-up with your ponytail placement and place it on different areas of your head. This means your hair won’t develop a memory and avoid damage. Win!

8. Cold water rinses save your hair! You only need to do this for a few seconds, but this cold water rinse will set-down the jagged shafts of hair and stop them catching as well as just seal-in all the goodness of the products you’ve applied. Step-by-step!

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