The 11 Struggles Only Girls With Fine Hair Will Understand

The struggle is real

All you wanna do is just rock an #AMAZING up-do or have super fresh beach girl hair for summer so you just don’t have to keep flicking it and pushing it back off your face when you’re hot and sweaty. We get it! But you can’t… Coz you have thin hair. *The struggle is SO real!* These are some of the LOLS we know you girls out there with thin hair struggle with, too…

1.Your friends complain about thick, luscious hair. You’re like…😳

2. Or, they talk about how they can’t find a hair tie to keep their cheerleader pony in place… and your pony is like a sad spaghetti strand .

3. You want amazing bangs, a’la Alexa, but, um you don’t have enough hair to make that happen. 

4. And ballerina buns? Don’t even. They’re just a cruel joke.

5. No amount of hairspray will ever help. 

6. Pigtails are SO cute, but not doable. Like, at all.

7. Seeing girls with epic heads of hair gives you all the sadness. 

8. Running fingers through your hair all sexy-like? Nup.

9. Flow game in your hair is weak! 

10. Braids are like…

11. Flyaways. Say no more.

12. And volumising products? Hahahahahahahahahahaha it’s like trying to inflate a balloon filled with holes. 

13. Those epic Beyonce hair swishes? Yeah. Nah.

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