So Apparently Wasabi Is The Secret Ingredient For Plumped Up Lips

Would you like sushi with that?
Farah Dhukai, beauty blogger extraordinaire, is back at it again, this time sharing her tips for reducing lip wrinkles and getting a bigger pout. How does she do this you ask? With one ingredient… Wasabi. If you’re sweating when you eat sweet chilli sauce, this probs isn’t appealing to you at all. 

Firstly, we’re probs legally obliged to issue a WARNING with this article. We’re in no way recommending you do this coz wasabi is VERY hot and can hurt you, but it’s interesting and we thought you should know about it. Now, moving on… 

According to Farah Japanese horseradish AKA wasabi has some amazing plumping powers: “Natural Lip Fillers – get soft, plump, full, lips without needles or sucking on cups or objects.” It’s pretty easy to do… just wipe it on, leave for less than a minute and wash off, following with moisturising lip balm. 
Crazy huh? Like we said, we don’t know enough about this to recommend you try it at home BUT since you can actually eat wasabi we’re guessing it can’t be ~that~ bad. Unless you hate spice, then you’re in a world of trouble. 

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