People Are Sending Guys Photos Of Their Beauty Blender To See What They Think It Is

And the results are hilarious.
Beauty Blender Instagram

Even the most beauty-obsessed among us can admit that ~sometimes~ our tools to achieve the perfect makeup can be a bit ridic. Take the Beauty Blender for example. Useful and lifechanging? Yas. Odd looking and confusing? Yasssssssss.

This is something that vlogger Selena Faye noticed recently, when a male friend tried to guess what it was and got it hilariously wrong.

She took to Twitter to ask her followers to text a photo of a Beauty Blender to a guy in their life with the question “what is this,” and see what they came back with.

Personal fave response? Boob stuffing. 

Check out some of the other hilarious reactions below…

Too dang good! We’ll have to give this one a try 😂

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