Our Fave Celeb Hair Transformations Of 2016

Need some inspo for a new 'do?

If there’s one thing we love here at GFHQ it’s a celeb hair transformation! So whether you’re looking for some inspo for a new do’ or just love a good before and after, we’ve got you covered!

And the latest celeb rocking ~killer~ new locks is…

Danielle Campbell – Before

The babe went from delish, nutty brown…

Danielle Campbell – After

To fierce and wicked in red with some killer dance moves to-boot. Slay kween! 👑

Blac Chyna – Before
Blac is no stranger to a weave. She rocks just as many wigs as Kylie but her current natural hair is a shorter ombré bob.

Blac Chyna – After

But check out her new ‘do!!! She’s got a CRAZY dreadlocked mountain on her head! The new mum obvs wanted something different, and while it is just a wig it’s certainly eye-catching… and heavy!

Check out some more of our most-loved hair makeovers…

Gigi Hadid – Before

The blonde bombshell hasn’t cut her hair dw, but this usual shade of yellow is GONE!

Gigi Hadid – After
Fresh off the Victoria’s Secret runway, Gigi has gone darker for winter. The light brown shade really suits her doesn’t it?

Lucy Hale – Before
Lucy is a bit of a hair chameleon lately. We swear she just dyed her hair blonde and now she’s had enough…. This was her last week 👇

Lucy Hale – After
The PLL star has gone back to her natural colour which is a brown so dark it’s almost black! Retro vibes anyone? She can literally pull off any hair colour.

Penn Badgley – Before
Even though he’s taken a leaf out of his onscreen dad Rufus’ book and rocking out with longer hair in a band these days (they’re called MOTHXR, check them out!)…

We’ll always remember Penn as Dan Humphrey aka Lonely Boy…

(Credit: The CW)

Penn Badgley – After

But wait. He’s undergone ANOTHER transformation and we almost didn’t recognise him! Check out Penn’s brand new blonde locks and scruffy beard…

DAYUM! We’re getting some serious Zayn vibes rn…

Hilary Duff – Before

Hils’ locks are always on point and we normally see her with an effortless chic part to the side or straight down the middle.

Hilary Duff – After

But she’s now rocking a fringe and she looks HAWT. Check out her bangin’ new ‘do…

Bella Thorne – Before

Bella has rocked every possible shade of scarlet over the years but most recently she’s been rocking these killer rose gold blonde locks…

Bella Thorne – After

Now she’s gone full fire engine red/fluro green ombré and we’ve never seen anything like it!

Who’s the other girl, you ask? That would be Bella’s older sister Dani Thorne, who’s basically morphing into her twin. Between their matching ‘dos, nose rings and jackets, we can barely tell them apart! #twinning

Kristen Stewart – Before

K-Stew went blonde a while ago and dayum can she pull it off!!! #ChicAF

(Credit: Getty Images)

Kristen Stewart – After
But she’s just gone back to her brunette roots and we’re getting some serious Twilight vibes rn… welcome back Bella!

Georgia Love – Before

This flawless Bachelorette gave us major hair envy all season with her long, luscious brunette locks…

Georgia Love – After

But it looks like Georgia was ready for a new ‘do coz she just chopped it all off! And do we see a bit of extra blonde in there? Lee did say he’s only ever dated blondes and he looks pretty happy about her fresh bronde tresses…

Hailey Baldwin – Before
Blonde babe Hails isn’t afraid to mix it up, but her token look is long, blonde locks.

Hailey Baldwin – After
But now she’s gone PINK!!! The ombré look is stunning and is some serious festival inspo!!!

Gigi Hadid – Before
Ah, to have Gigi’s luscious blonde locks… but our girl has been getting darker bit by bit…

Gigi Hadid – After
Now she’s stepped out with noticeably brunette hair, rocking the colour of 2016: bronde. LOVE IT! Doesn’t she look a lot more like sister Bella with darker hair?

(Credit: Getty Images)

Lucy Hale – Before
Lucy’s brunette bob is the hair of our dreams. We can never get enough of the perfection that is that perfectly tousled mane. But now she wants a change…

Lucy Hale – After
The Pretty Little Liars star has gone back to blonde! The sleeker look makes her look so tan don’t you think?

Bella Hadid – Before
Bella’s sweeping long locks are great… but could she do better? Read on…

Bella Hadid – After
BANG BANG! Bella is now rocking the chicest fringe ever. Not many people can pull off a blunt fringe but we think she looks great. No word yet on if it’s a clip-in temporary hair piece, or a permanent cut.

Demi Lovato – Before
This was Demi’s cute blonde hair from a week ago… the most short-lived transformation EVER.

Demi Lovato – After
And it’s back to brown! Demi hasn’t said why she changed back so quickly, but she looks pretty chuffed!

(Credit: Snapchat)

Hailey Baldwin – Before
Hailey’s so well known for her blonde hair, most of us have forgotten that she used to rock brunette. But she’s hair goals so whatevs…

Hailey Baldwin – After
Now Hailey has made her blonde mantle even blonder! The model has debuted a new brassy and bright lob.

Alex Nation – Before

The Bachelor’s Alexandra Nation already had lovely blonde hair, but she was ready for a change…

Alex Nation – After

The reality tv star showed off new platinum blonde locks on the weekend, writing “@hairbyjesslewis, you can also stay in my life, forever! Thank you so much for my fresh locks- you are a queen 💕👑”

Kylie Jenner – Before
Kylie has been rocking platinum blonde locks for a while, and had dyed them a sweet shade of silver… until now!

Kylie Jenner – After
Rose gold baby! Some say the colour is on it’s way out but that must just be for homewares because Kylizzle is looking fine!

Rihanna – Before
RiRi has been rocking long straight locks for some time now (have you seriously ever seen such silky hair?!), but Drake’s bae has made a MAJOR change…

Rihanna – After
Dreadlocks!!! These are the longest set of dreds we’ve ever seen! It’s so out there are so Rihanna…

Lea Michele – Before
There was time that this Scream Queens babe’s signature ‘do was a fringe but these days she’s usually looking a little something like this…

Lea Michele – After
WELL. Her bangs just made a triumphant comeback and we’re ~officially~ obsessed! And that high, braided ponytail though… DAYUM!

Her hair stylist revealed that Lea wasn’t quite ready to commit to bangs again so they’re just clipped in but it looks like she’s getting plenty of use out of them…

Dylan Sprouse – Before

This was then…

(Credit: Getty Images)

Dylan Sprouse – After

And this is now!

(Credit: Getty Images)

Taylor Lautner – Before

Taylor’s signature look is defs a short brunette textured ‘do… HAWT!

Taylor Lautner – After

But apparently he really wanted something different coz he’s just gone lavender! And while some are saying it’s for his new role on Scream Queens, we can’t help but notice it looks a little Photoshopped… not to mention his caption about boring set life. So is it a digital hair transformation or a real one??

Sophie Turner – Before

IRL Sophie rocks her red hair, and on screen as Sansa Stark it’s kinda her glowing mantle… but no more!

Sophie Turner – After

Sophie’s 20’s waves with her new blonde hair was a far cry from the Northern girl we’re used to. Looks AMAZING though right?

Kendall Jenner – Before

Kennyhas been rocking a chic bob lately… but now it’s time for something new!

Kendall Jenner – After

She’s got a fringe!!! She’s dabbled with the style before wearing a hair piece to the MTV movie awards earlier this year but now she’s chopped it in for real!

(Credit: Getty Images)

Kylie Jenner – Before
Wigs be gone! Kylie is changing her hair for real! Bye bye dark hair…

Kylie Jenner – After
Hello platinum blonde! The youngest sibling is following in Kim’s footsteps and going going full peroxide! Sounds like she’s going to switch it up soon though…
(Credit: Snapchat)
(Credit: Snapchat)

Taylor Swift – Before
Tay’s blonde bob has been hanging around for a while (we doubt she’ll ever go back to long hair) as she grows out her fringe and many fans lust after her perfect dirty blonde hue.

Taylor Swift – After
Now Tay is back to her peroxide locks! She unveiled the look in NYC this week and the noticeably lighter lob is much wavier than normal. Looks like she’s ready to back to her curly haired roots!

(Credit: Getty Images)

Amanda Seyfried – Before

She won us over as ditzy (and seriously lovable) Karen Smith in Mean Girls…

And since then, Amanda has cemented her status as a blonde bombshell!

Amanda Seyfried – After

But the actress just swapped her long, golden tresses for a brunette bob with a fringe. Talk about an epic hair transformation, we barely recognised her! Love it babe.

Bella Thorne – Before

Bella’s long red locks are her most defining feature! Srsly, her hair is almost as long as her gazelle legs!

Bella Thorne – After

But she’s gone for the chop! It’s still longer than mostly everyone else’s hair in Hollywood but it’s basically a lob for this babe!

Sofia Richie – Before

She only landed on everyone’s radars recently as Justin Bieber’s new girlfriend but you don’t have to stalk look too far to find that Sofia ~loves~ her long, blonde hair.

Sofia Richie – After
But apparently she was ready for a change coz she just “chopped it” all off! Unfortunately though, she had to disable Insta comments after trolls flooded the post with hateful comments like “UGLY.” Forget them girl, we love the new shorter ‘do!

Briana Jungwirth – Before

Bri’s looooong healthy strands have been the source of major #HairEnvy in the GF office.

Briana Jungwirth – After

But now they’re gone! Freddie’s mumma has gone for the ~muy~ popular hairstyle of 2016, the long bob!

Ashton Irwin – Before

Ashton has been rocking that long Rock’n’Roll hairstyle since we ever found out about the amazingness that is 5SOS…

Ashton Irwin – After
So when he teased his haircut on IG we kinda freak out!

But then Ash posted his new short cut, and we didn’t think it was possible for him to be even more of a babe! #DatJawline

Brooklyn Beckham – Before

Brookers is usually rocking a cap over his brunette hair, so when he made this drastic change we were SO shocked…

Brooklyn Beckham – After

Brooklyn has gone blonde! He shared a photo of his new sandy ‘do on Instagram and we love it! Look at him staring into the camera 😍

His hairdresser posted a photo of Brooklyn and his lighter locks as well, and dayum! He is just so ~dreamy~

Kylie Jenner – Before

We know King Kylie loves to rock a coloured wig, but when she isn’t, her naturally dark locks is her daily go-to…

Kylie Jenner – After

But Kylie has gone fired red for her 19th birthday! And it seriously does not look like a wig this time!

Shay Mitchell – Before

Shay’s signature style is super long, dark tresses…

Shay Mitchell – After

But this Pretty Little Liars babe just swapped her mane for a much shorter ‘do and she looks hotter than ever!

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